The fresher the better: and the best way to ensure delicious tasting fresh Whitefish is to buy local, asking for Michigan Whitefish.

Every day, Michigan’s fishermen catch local Whitefish with the goal of bringing it to your table with the highest quality and flavor in the fastest time.

Whitefish can be found all across the state of Michigan at fisheries, stores and restaurants.

Simply click the links, and we’ll show you where Michigan Great Lakes Whitefish can be found.

A long standing tradition
of commercial fishermen
is smoking their catch for people to enjoy.

Look for an (*) asterisk
next to the fish stores
for locations that supply smoked fish.


Fresh or frozen at the peak of freshness, Whitefish is at its most flavorful when you know what to look for. Check the label to ensure that your Whitefish has been wild caught in the United States.

Fresh Whitefish

The fresher the fish, the better the flavor. Here’s the checklist:

Flesh: firm and not separating from bones
Aroma: mild and fresh; fish have a characteristic aquatic odor that only becomes disagreeable as it loses freshness
Eyes: look for bright and clear, not protruding
Gills: red and free of slime
Skin: shiny and colorful; as fish loses freshness, characteristic markings fade

STORING: Wrap fresh fillets in plastic wrap and keep them well chilled in the refrigerator (32 degrees) for up to 2 days before use. Wrapped fresh fillets can be packed in ice in the fridge for extra safety.

Frozen Whitefish

Expertly frozen and carefully handled Whitefish is as wonderful as fresh, and easier to store for quick and convenient meals. Buy this.

Intact Package: Not open, torn or rewrapped
Positioned: Avoid packages sitting above the frost line in the store’s freezer
Clear: Transparent packages should reveal no signs of frost or ice crystals inside

Frozen Whitefish may be cooked from frozen or thawed

STORING: Store frozen Whitefish at 0 degrees F as follows. Maximum Quality: up to 3 months. Maximum Storage: up to 9 months