Michigan fishermen are out every day, early in the morning, on the pristine waters to bring back the freshest, best-tasting wild-caught Whitefish for your plate. By choosing Michigan whitefish you are assured the most flavorful fish: packed with Omega-3 fatty acids that make it a powerhouse of nutrition.




To promote the development, conservation and protection of the Commercial Fishing Industry in the State of Michigan; to foster just and fair laws affecting the Commercial Fishing Industry in the State of Michigan, and a just and fair administration thereof; to promote improvements in methods of catching and marketing fish and fish products and the protection of members against unscrupulous and unreliable fish dealers; to collect and distribute information and statistics of educational and economic value to Association members and to the public in general; to work for better harbor accommodations and navigational and other aids to fishing, and in general for the protection of the interests of the Michigan Commercial fishermen.